We are honored to share with you some of the positive feedback we've received.  

On Speed Dial...

"Mike and his team have been on my speed dial for several years! It started with a kitchen makeover. Mike and his team handled the project beautifully and completed it while I was away. When I returned from my vacation, I returned to a spotless, completely renovated kitchen. I couldn't have asked for a better team.  

After such a great experience, it was only natural that I called them again, when health issues lead me to add a garage and ramp to my home. They came and met with me to design a detached garage that so perfectly matches the flow and design of my existing home, that no one would guess it wasn't original. On top of that, they came to my rescue when my daughters called during the construction to let them know I'd be returning from an extended hospital stay with limited mobility. Mike and the team quickly shifted focus to complete the ramp to give me access. 

I trust Mike and his team implicitly. While I was hospitalized, we arranged further renovation to make my bathroom handicap accessible, from my hospital bed. As I always, I knew I could trust the team to make the necessary renovations with the usual eye for detail and attention to quality. All of Mike's team are responsible, courteous, respectful and talented.  

Dakota came up the idea to add a small ramp at one of the doors to my porch so I could sit on my porch. Without this little touch, sitting on my porch with friends or just relaxing with a book, would have been impossible for me during my incapacity. 

Mike and the team take on big and small projects. Mike has even changed light bulbs for me in addition to the regular jobs. They are so kind and easy to talk to. When I say, "I have you on my speed dial", I don't exaggerate."

Ms. Holder

Ferguson Bath After (10) copy.jpg

"Beautiful Job"

“Mike, it would be a pleasure to endorse your company for the beautiful job you did with our master bathroom. We had an avocado green bathtub and toilet, both of which still were 100% functional. Our cabinets were also original with our house, which was built in 1973. 

The configuration was not very efficient or attractive, and I had only the single sink. By re-designing the two master bedroom closets into one master closet, putting a pocket door in the bathroom and moving the doorway from the den, the bathroom seems much larger, and now there is room for a separate room for the toilet; I have a large jetted garden tub, a large steam shower with glass doors, and even a double sink. Nothing is where it was before. And, the single closet works just fine because it is very large. 

The re-design meant, however, plumbing and wiring all had to be moved, so it was a major undertaking. I even have a wall-mounted TV which can be turned for viewing from any part of the bathroom. All the Mike Wood workers were kind and considerate. The work went on while we were living in it. They also redesigned our den for us, which meant moving plumbing and installing new modern lighting. The old red fireplace tile was replaced by marble. We surely have been enjoying the updates you did for us.”

John and Janet

"We Always Recommend Your Company"

"Mike Wood Builders ...added a new bathroom to the house, and replaced all windows, installed a new front door, ceiling lighting in the living room, and blew in insulation for the attic. 

You definitely met our expectations. You exceeded them, in fact, because of your honesty and professionalism in all encounters with us. After the bathroom job was finished, one of the workers came back to repair a slight hole in the lawn that the truck created. That made a lasting impression on us, that he cared enough to do that. 

Every time a friend mentions possible home projects, we ALWAYS recommend your company. 

Eric seemed to be the lead. Naturally, we had the most contact with him. He was very pleasant to deal with. I believe another person was named Levi. I see him all the time in town and he is always very friendly."

Doug and Joe

Complete House Remodel

"We did major changes in the kitchen, dining and living rooms. We removed a wall between the kitchen and living room to open up more space and we also enlarged one bathroom. 

The cabinet guy was great. His suggestion for using drawers in the kitchen and bath have been my most useful space saver. The painter was so helpful with colors. I had chosen one color for the kitchen and living area and he advised me on colors for the rest of the house that would blend and they were perfect.

An experience I had been dreading turned out to be an exciting and fun experience every day because of Mike Wood Builders."

John and Kay

"Sometimes You Get What You Pay For"

MWB: Would you recommend us to your neighbors?
Tony: “YES...ANY of your potential customers are welcome to come and take a tour of our home and let me show them WHY they should go with Mike Wood Builders. Any half way carpenter can do a decent job but sometimes you get what you pay for. It was the little things. ie.. Eric hand built our Mantel even though I asked him 100 times , whatcha doin with that? Just his tolerance of ME was enough ( insert laughter here).. He also hand built our staircase. Dakota and all the guys did a great job. Even Barak's caulking on the outside was great. Really too many things to list. Mike told us up front that he would not be the cheapest builder, however he was within a "fair" range of others we got prices from. BUT we do feel that we would NOT have gotten the "QUALITY" of service from any of the other builders. I requested ReBath upstairs and I am glad I did.. I really like the look and design even though this was a New Home. So if you need help promoting ReBath, let me know :).”

MWB: Was there anyone in particular that worked on your job that you liked and why?

Tony: “Where do I begin? Eric did a lot to show us the best layout and how the house would look, not to mention his part in building. Dakota, Wes, Barak, Micah, Willie, and I know I'm leaving out a few names did a GREAT job. Eric was very flexible on some changes we made and again tolerant on ME being the picky one. “
“If I had any negative comments it would be about the concrete work. I am , to this day very disappointed in the quality of workmanship in the concrete work. I know getting the right people can be tough but as they know, I'm very opinionated and did not like the fact that the foreman, boss, etc. of that company didn't even want to spend 4 minutes on my job because he had OTHER pressing matters to attend to. BUT Mike Wood Builders did stand by his work and replace a section , turn around pad that had cracked. Mike and Eric stand behind their work and word.”

Tony and Doris

Through The Years

We recently asked some of our long time customers-become friends if they would recommend Mike Wood Builders to a friend or neighbor and if they did what would be their reason. Here's what they had to say: 

"Yes. Because of the very high quality of their work, the fine caliber of their employees and their determination to have everything done right. Mike Wood Builders have helped us for many years and with many diverse projects from a total house renovation to erecting a bat house.
We have liked, professionally and personally, everyone from Mike Wood Builders who has ever helped us. Our relationship with Mike Wood Builders goes back as far as we can remember. We rely on them for everything imaginable and will continue to do so."  

Frank and Ann