Connecting The Two

Many of our projects are born out of problems or inconveniences that our clients experience and need help with. This project is a classic example. The before layout shown (at left), displays the issue that we started off with. As you will notice in the drawing, the apartment wing beside the carport is inaccessible from the main house. Having this disconnect was no longer desirable to our clients and they wanted to connect the two. To solve this problem, we drew up plans to extend the entry area and re-purpose the unfinished storage room by converting it into a connecting hallway. This not only served the purpose of accessibilty, but it also opened up the main house to all the natural light coming into the sunroom.

While we were discussing connecting the two parts of the house together, our clients wanted to remodel the dated Master Bath as well. The bath was in definite need for some updating and some layout help. You will be able to see how we rearranged the bath layout by viewing the floor plan (at right). Our client also requested that we open up the wall between the sunroom and apartment living area. To accomplish this, we removed the siding and windows that were on the interior wall and enlarged the doorway. The barn doors that we added allow a some privacy and separation from the sunroom if desired.

From the stunning tile shower to the more functional living space, I'd say this project was a great success!